About Stephen

I am Stephen Opoku, President of Speedy Cyber Rescue. I discovered my passion for computers and technology since I was 13. I studied Computer Information Systems and Business at Western Michigan University. In my early twenties, I began a computer repair business and ran it successfully for 15 years.

When I first started my company in 2008, it was called Steve’s Computer Rescue. My business concept changed after my daughter, Jasmine, was born. Just before my daughter turned four years old, I learned that she was yet again the victim of a data breach. It was her third incident. In just four short years, my daughter had her personal information exposed by three companies- two of which were small local medical offices, and the third being the major Experian data breach. I was alarmed, angry, and determined to help businesses keep their data secure and defeat cyber criminals. I’ve since made my entire focus on protecting companies and medical practices, as well as consumers and patients, from the exposure of sensitive data, fines, and blows to reputations.

As a business owner, I understand how much dedication, time, and energy goes into day-to-day operations. I know cyber security is a concern in the back of business owners’ minds, but often doesn’t make it to the long list of top priorities. That’s why myself and my team have learned to streamline all cyber security needs and detect all vulnerabilities before they are a huge hassle that could cost a business owner their entire business! In my commitment to my clients, I guarantee a one-hour response time and I don’t use geek-speak. I know that there are experts in every field, and I don’t expect my clients to be experts in cyber security. I use simple language that everyone can understand. I don’t try to make my clients feel small by using language that no person outside of cyber security experts are expected to know.